PROJECT: Not Guilty
NOT  In no way;  to no degree 
Purpose and Goals

We the 'Team' dedicate PROJECT: Not Guilty to the falsely arrested and wrongfully convicted.

Our endeavors are multi-purposed with the ultimate goal of taking part in the criminal justice system reform movement in Texas. Along the way, we will attempt to raise public awareness about the causes and effects of false arrests that result in wrongful convictions. The PNG Team will work directly with the public at large in an effort to find preventative solutions. We will also look for ways to address the ongoing cruel and unusual punishment suffered by those systematically denied Full Pardons based on innocence in (Non-DNA, Non-Death Row) closed & cleared cases alike.  As the public grows aware of the State's obvious roadblocks set up to deter and prevent applying for clemency, hopefully the voters and taxpayers will take notice. We can only hope and pray that all existing and future projects will follow our lead and finally address (all) claims of innocence.  


We are thankful for the existence of other projects covering police misconduct issues. In an effort to do our part, we will address prosecutorial misconduct. Today, the police and prosecution teams enjoy certain degrees of immunity in regards to being held accountable. With the power of absolute immunity enticing and protecting prosecutors, combined with the partial immunity enjoyed by rogue police with quotas, the vicious cycle may never end. Hopefully Police Unions and Prosecution Associations will step up and publicly denounce rogue individuals with over powering evidence against them. The PNG Team will lobby for change that includes police and prosecutorial accountability with absolutely zero built in protections, when it can be shown that laws and/or rights were violated while in the process of executing their duties. Preventing prosecutors from being able to present information to the Grand Juries without the accused and his/her counsel decreases the opportunity for misconduct & corruption.        

The PNG Team will lobby to require that all interviews with victims and witnesses be video taped two minutes prior to entering the room and two minutes after the conclusion. Absolutely no access to any wires and/or recording components would prevent tampering. The activation and deactivation through a password protected off premise DVR computer terminal would place an additional layer of security.  

Marathon style interviews / interrogations of the innocent has led to false confessions and even has caused witnesses and crime victims to falsely testify. Steps to prevent false arrests and wrongful convictions starts with suggesting that all interviews / interrogations be no longer than two hours with one ten minute break. All interviews / interrogations should be video taped beginning two minutes prior to entering the room and two minutes after the conclusion, with absolutely no access to any wires and/or recording components. To include activation and deactivation through password protected off premise DVR computer terminal. Cities that allow detectives to operate without checks & balances eventually find themselves settling out of court with taxpayers funds. States that allow cities to run amuck also results in great monetary losses. Cruel and unusual punishment of the accused and witnesses is counter productive and must be addressed. Remember; faulty eyewitness identifications and the procedures followed to obtain them, along with false/coerced confessions are leading causes for wrongful convictions.

*UPDATE: HB 215 Passed unanimously in both the House of Representatives & the Senate.    

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles will only consider an application if one can obtain the unanimous recommendation(s) from the three trial officials (Sheriff, DA, and Judge), thus being an insult and a sick a joke. We will attempt to educate the the voter and taxpayer on the State's obvious and blatant roadblocks set up to deter and prevent applying for clemency.  For it is the taxpayer that funds the $80,000.00. plus, plus, per year, per wrongful conviction. It is the voter that votes in the District Attorneys and Governors. It is the DA that routinely takes out charges on weak cases with no intentions on taking them all the way to trial. It is the Governor that systematically denies the innocent clemency. Prior to casting your vote for the next DA and/or Governor, consider asking them about their plans for dealing with the claims of innocence having nothing to do with DNA, Death Row or currently in custody. Eventually, half of the entire State will be either on probation, parole or community supervision, with the other half working in the criminal justice field.     

No Contest / Nolo Contendere pleas are recorded as 'Guilty' pleas and will not receive pardon recognition, due to the convicted being reluctant to admit guilt, show remorse and prove he/she is rehabilitated. The U.S. Supreme Court encourages the utilization of the plea bargain system, which results in 90 to 95 percent of cases being pled out. The Courts and arrogant Assistant District Attorneys (former & current alike) would have us believe that if all cases were afforded a full jury trial the entire system would break down. Contrary to this, the Team encourages the public to participate in the utilization of rights to a full jury trial, if and when falsely accused. Due to the State of Texas having a long history of systematically encouraging false arrests and subsequent plea bargains in order to obtain convictions; it is imperative that any reforms include revamping the plea bargaining process and implementing safe guards to prevent its future abuse. The team will study the process and publish its findings along with possible solutions.

Currently in order to obtain a search warrant there isn't any 'Advocate for the Arrestee.' Police Department(s) contact the District Attorney's Office(s) and then a Judge is contacted. A Search Warrant is issued and has no set amount of time in which the Warrant is to be run. There are no set amount of 'Operators' in charge of carrying out the execution. S.W.A.T. Team(s) can be comprised of individuals culled from different areas and sections leaving room for misconduct and/or injuries. The militarization of police departments across the country has armed S.W.A.T. Teams with very sophisticated weapons and tactics designed to bring situations to an abrupt end. Thus, instead of surveilling the object of the Search Warrant and taking him/her into custody outside and/or call and request them to exit, they opt to use flash bang devices, and enter with fingers on triggers. If the occupants own dogs of any breed, they are almost always shot immediately and never suffer any consequences due to being held immune by the District Attorney's Office. One S.W.A.T. Team Leader respected by the PNG Team, Sgt. Gebphart has suggested the inclusion of an 'Advocate for the Arrestee.' Without anyone to play advocate for the citizenry, America looks like China and we have no one to blame but ourselves. We will work on seeing this very important area of reform get the attention is deserves. Without it we as a nation will remain a tender-box and avoidable civil unrest will eventually break out from coast to coast and it will include humans of all races, colors, and creeds.    

The criminal actions of those responsible for conspiring to knowingly engage in a false arrest and wrongful conviction are insulated from prosecution by degrees of immunity. Thus, explaining why the majority is never punished for their crimes. We may never fully understand why traditional media coverage of the wrongfully convicted fails to mention the police, prosecutor and judge involved in these travesties. Their unwillingness to do so has inspired us to create the Wrongfully Convicted CASES page. Complete with (Public Information) containing the names of the accused, thier attorneys, arresting officers, prosecutors on record, and judges. We will also include copies of the Letters of Denial for Full Pardons based on innocence and 'all' evidence. By allowing the public to view Police Reports, Mug shots, Certified Case FilesMotions and Full Pardon Denials, the State's dirty little secrete will be out. As it is now, the standard and traditional media outlets jump at the opportunity to broadcast the name and image of the accused and exonerated. It would be a great service to the public at large if the media followed our lead and covered all those involved.

Please help us honor individuals that are known for doing good deeds on behalf of others. Nominate your choice for the PROJECT: Not Guilty 'Public Hero' Award. Remember this is not an anti-police or anti-government project, we understand that there are many very honest, ethical and professional police and prosecutors serving our State, so feel free to nominate the ones that stand out. We must constantly recognize the 'good' behavior of the individual in an effort to persuade the masses to do even better. Submit your nomination here.  

As the project grows our purpose and goals will grow, which is why we welcome logical input and ideas.
We are currently in the process of conducting: Online Interviews, Petitions, Surveys, and more. Visit our BLOGABOUTIT BlogCast and Participate. Remember you don't have to be a victim of the criminal justice system in order to get involved? 

Thanks for taking time to read about some of our purposes and goals, now please consider letting a friend or two know where we are and come back whenever you wish. Don't wait until you've been personally wronged in order to speak up and do something about it. Share your personal stories and solutions to the problems surrounding the universe of  "Not Guilty" on the PNG  BLOGABOUTIT Forum
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Welcome to the PNG WTF? Series 
Attention - Clicking on any of the links in this series will piss you off and leave you asking the same question. If you have to ask what the 'F' stands for, you probably don't need to be on a computer muchless clicking on links. If you have any relevant links of your own and wish to share them,  please send them to The Team  

The Pugnacious Octogenerian Rule

by Mr. Scott H.Greenfield, Esq.
The official report would make any cop's chest swell with pride:

Police say Daniel J. Daley, 84, of Orlando was transported to Florida Hospital Orlando after he "struck" an officer and the officer subdued him outside the Ivanhoe Grocery at 1820 North Orange Avenue about 11 p.m...

*Click on link to read the full story.   


 A Premature Alarm Regarding Police Fatality Rates
by David of I.E.
The big law enforcement related news piece dominating the media today comes courtesy of a press release from the Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (LEOMF) insisting that an apparent increase in law enforcement officer deaths in 2010 in comparison to 2009′s record low number of officer deaths should be alarming and attributes the rise to a number of factors including reduced funding for law enforcement officers and increasingly violent criminals.

While we definitely do find it alarming when any law enforcement officer loses his or her life in an act of violence, we do feel it necessary to examine these numbers in order to put them into perspective, especially since the LEOMF and a professor from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice cited police accountability projects such as ours here at the NPMSRP as the reason for the rise in police officer deaths they claim they were… *Click on Title link to read the full story. 

When The Kidnapper Is A Cop
by Mr. Scott H.Greenfield, Esq.
Minneapolis police officer Tony Adams is no kidnapper.  We know because a judge dismissed the kidnapping charges and a jury acquitted him of disorderly conduct and interfering with a 911 call.  It isn't that he didn't do what was alleged, however...
*Click on link to read the full story.

On this is what's wrong with our legal system
From -
"Defendant's reply to plaintiff's response to defendant's motion to strike plaintiff's reply to defendant's opposition to plaintiff's motion for protective order, or, in the alternative, application for hearing."

A Terrible Error in Judgment
by Mr. Scott H.Greenfield, Esq.
If there's any common denominator in the commission of crimes, it's that they reflect a terrible error in judgment.  Not all, but most.  Here's a pretty good example.

Andrew John Bornen, 16, was lying handcuffed and face-down on a busy suburban roadway in the Ipswich suburb of Brassall when he was struck and killed by a car…

*to read the entire story click here.

Three Baltimore MD police officers
by David of I.E.
are accused of excessive force when they beat an apparently innocent man then falsely arrested him on resisting arrest charges. They allegedly followed that up by barging into another man’s home… * Click on title link above to read the full story.
A Montgomery County Maryland police sergeant
by David of I.E.
will have to repay $5,000 of the $10,000 that she wrongfully claimed for hours she didn’t work… * To read the entire story click on the link above.

A Gadsen AL police officer and the Etowah County AL sheriff’s dept
by David of I.E.
are the subject of a lawsuit alleging that the Gadsen police officer severely beat a man he arrested on DUI charges while he was cuffed at the jail and after he was informed by a jail nurse that he wasn’t drunk but a diabetic suffering from...*To read the rest of the story click on title link.

Four Hamilton County OH deputies
by David of I.E.
are the subject of a lawsuit alleging they tasered a man seven times and severely beat him after they pulled over on a suspected DUI stop and dragged him out of his car. The suit further alleges they then falsely arrested him even after they discovered he wasn’t drunk but was a diabetic…
* To read the entire story click on the title link above.

Chivalry Isnt What It Used To Be 
by Mr. Scott H.Greenfield, Esq.
This will make you sick. This will piss you off. This could have been one of us or one of our mothers/grandmothers/wives/girlfriends/daughters. But it wasn't, it was Mrs. Ann Stanczyk of Rockaway Beach, NY. Don't click on the link above unless you are ready to see the results of what happens when two bad cops are allowed to be as bas as they wanna be. *To read Mr. Greenfield's Post click on the title link.

Shame On You Bret Ligon
by Mr. Mark Bennett of Defending People
We'll let you decide how to sum this WTF? moment. Click on title link above to read the entire story.

Your Tax Dollars $120,000. Per TYC Youth Per Year 
by Mr. Scott Henson of Gritsforbreakfast 
Check out what Mr. Henson has found for us regarding how much TYC claims it costs to detain each youthful defender per yer. Just another example of just how stupid we the taxpayers have become. We can only blame ourselves folks. You can read about it and do nothing or you can go back to being stupid. Those that are feed up with this are already contacting their local, state and federal representatives. * Click on the link to read the entire story.

Alameda Co CA deputy sentenced to 1yr w/credit for 199 days
in plea deal for molesting 3 children under age of 10 [0]. *Via: Injustice Everywhere 05/23/11
* Click on the link to read the entire story.


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