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The Team is working on the following: 

+Plea Bargaining Series -
*Patterns of Abuse.
*The 95% 'Tap-Out' Rate.  

+Who, What, Where, How, When & Why Series -
*Taxpayer Accountability 
*The Supreme Court
*You and Your Personal Accountability

Note: We are seeking any & all information regarding patterns of Plea Bargaining Abuse involving Closed / Cleared criminal cases taken to Harris County, Texas jury trials only to result in the signing of Nolo Contendere documents in the Judges Chambers.

Cases listing the prosecutor as,  Assistant District Attorney,
Mr. Casey J. O'Brien are asked to share this info./story in the PNG BLOGABOUTIT Forum Post titled -
"I was Falsely Arrested & Wrongfully Convicted in Texas" 

You can go directly to this Discussion by clicking on the BLOGABOUTIT
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*Click here to share your (Police Incident Report – Certified Case Files – Police Photo – Horror Story).



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With Unveiled Face


*This section is devoted to capturing moments in history where individuals either: spoke words of wisdom truly worthy of remembering or spewed forth the most ridiculous bullshit you've ever heard. We'll let you decide which is which. 

Johnny B. Holmes -
Harris County D. A.
In house motto
"Do the right thing for the right reasons."
Ruben M. Cantu -
"...I am only 18 years old. I got to the 9th grade and I have been framed in a capital murder case."
" I was tried and convicted on bogus evidence."
*Casey J. O'Brien -
aka: jigmeister
/ King of Nolo Contendere in Comments at S.J.
" a career (Harris County) prosecutor , there are three kinds of cases with many exceptions, that go to trial: the very serious, the very solid, and the very close. The other 95% are pled...."
*Casey J. O'Brien -
aka: jigmeister
/ King of Nolo Contendere in Comments at S.J.
"Mr. Griffin, I'm sorry you feel wronged by the criminal justice system,..."
Thomas R. Griffith - in Comments at S.J. 
"Project: Not Guilty will prevent the knowingly & willingly participants  the pleasure of forgetting. Obtaining wrongful convictions with a group effort is organized crime. Doing the right thing should be second nature instead of a vague "in house motto."              *
Daniel R. Jackson -
Attorney of Record
(In response to request for info. re: .38 cal. Rohm 'Mystery Gun') "...I do not have any information regarding this case." , "...I do not maintain records beyond five years..."
Mr. J.H. Happle -
Harris County Sheriff's Deputy
"The Suspects were stopped on traffic and found them to have Out Standing Traffic Warrants."
Mr. Estes -
Harris County Constable,
Mr. Estes - Re: Records request for copies of OTW Records. "I would have been the one that worked the OTW, & I don't have it in the system or in my files. Looks like they pulled a fast one."
Daniel R. Jackson -
Attorney of Record
Bar  #10457000        
"I recommend Thomas R. Griffith for a Full Pardon -
based on the facts in the case."
Mel. Vasquez -
Harris County Exhibit Clerk -
"Following Code of Criminal Procedure Art. .2.21 - (Duties of Clerks), I personally destroyed the .38 Rohm on July 5, 1995 therefore excusing the need for any Motions for Destruction, Method & Location of Destruction. You've been sold copies of the entire case file."

Houston Police Dept. & Harris County  Evidence/Property Rooms
- Re: Records Requests for; Chain of Custody, Storage & Destruction of one of the three number twos listed as a States Exhibit i.e a .38 Rohm Firearm -
"No Records Found"

Sir Scott H.Greenfield, ESQ. -
"No court would allow a .38 to be substituted in a case were a .22 was reported as the weapon used."

John W. Clinton
-  Former Houston Police Officer/Det. & Divorce Atttorney Via: YouTube campaing for Harris County Criminal Court of Law #4 Judgship -
"I know first hand, how a bad judge can influence the social welfair & safety of our citizens..." ,
"I promise... I will follow the law fairly."
Pat Lykos -
Harris County D. A.
"The integrity of the criminal justice system means everything" , "Wrongful convictions are a triple tragedy - for the accused, the victim and for society. The true criminal is free to continue to commit offenses." 

Patricia Lykos - Harris County District Attorney,From ABC News regarding The Post Conviction Review Section - "We are investigating every single claim of innocence." "Whenever an innocent person is imprisoned, you have a triple injustice an injustice for those who are wrongfully confined, a denial of justice for the victim and a lack of justice for society."

Thomas R. Griffith
- "Mrs. Lykos is full of shit, a liar. I'll eat a copy of my mug shot on the steps of the court house, upon learning that my claim of innocence was fully investigated by the Post Conviction Review Section."

Kelly Siegler -   (trained under Mr. Casey J. O'Brien) Special Prosector re: former DA Mr. Charles Sebesta after Mr. Anthony Graves release in 2010 -  "Its a prosecutor's responsibility to never fabricate evidence or manipulate witnesses or take advantage of victims,"..."And unfortunately , what happened in this case is all of those things."..."Graves trial was travesty."

*Note:To read entire story by: Pamela Colloff
Part 1 'Innocence Lost'
Part 2 'Innocence Found' go to - 
Casey J. O'Brien
aka: Jigmeister
"I came from the Johnny Holmes stable where the in house motto was always do the right things for the right reasons", "None of us have ever tried someone we did not personally believe based on the evidence, was innocent of the crime"
Michael Anthony Green - After 27-Year Nightmare in Houston Chronicle article: “I did not fit any description,
“The woman said the main guy was wearing a brown leather jacket. I had a white and brown ski jacket, the kind where you can unzip the sleeves. The guy supposedly had brown hair. Mine has always been black with a wave in it.”
“I honestly believed wholeheartedly in the system,”

Edwin Coalfax
of the Justice Project
“As problematic as eyewitness testimony is, we can’t do without it,” That’s why we have to do a much better job of taking those steps to make sure it is as reliable as possible. Our system is forced to rely on eyewitness testimony in many cases. The prospect of not prosecuting many cases that don’t have other evidence is not an option.”
Rev. Earl W. Koteen
- Via: The Innocence Network  'Why I Give': - "Prior to seminary, I assumed that nearly all people accused of crimes were guilty." 
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg -
“People who are well represented at trial do not get the death penalty,” 
Mary Surratt – From the Defense Table
“It’s a lie!”

Audrey White -
"Prior to the false allegations, I really had no experience with the system and was believing what I was taught in school. That is a person is innocent until proven guilty and trials are fair, which couldn't be further from the truth."
George W. Bush - (1999),
"There ought to be limits on freedom."
Damien Echols -
on 48 hours w/ Maureen Maher
"The fact that I'm not guilty simply means that a child killer has been roaming the streets"
Benjamin Franklin - (1759),
"Those who would give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve niether liberty nor safety."
*Edward Abbey -
"A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government." 
Scott H. Greenfield -"Invitations to the revolution are not engraved."
Natalie Ellis -
"Team, I just helped exonerate Claude Simmons and Christopher Scott October 23, 2009 in Dallas, Tx. These two men were exonerated without DNA and now non-dna cases have become my passion. I would love to help your organization."               
Booker T. Washington -
"I will let no man bring me down as to hate him."   
Unknown Roman - "When a man is
pressed, lies flow with greater ease."
Unknown -
"I'm not following you,
I'm leading from the
Gloria Steinem - "The truth will set you free, but first it's gonna piss you off."
Amy Bach - Attorney & Author re: Ordinary Injustice 
"...Most of the victims and defendants had long given up on the promise of justice for themselves, but remained committed to the posibility of justice for others.
This book [Ordinary Injustice] is a tribute to their hope."
Tim Masters

48 Hours with Maureen Mahar "Drawn to Murder" 2010 -
"I never thought that I could get arrested and convicted for something I didn't do." , "There are holidays, no birthdays, no Christmas in prision." 
Theodore Roosevelt
"is not the critic who counts," that the "credit belongs to the one who is actually in the arena... who spends himself in a worthy cause," and if he fails "at least he fails while daring greatly."
The Oracle
from the Matrix - "The real question is, knowing what you know, would you do it the same way the second time?"
Elvis Presley
"The truth is like the sun, you can shut it out for a time, but it aint going away."
William Blackstone
- "Better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer."
Martin Luther King
- Jr. - "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Rebecca Schleicher Reporter KCEN-TV - "How is it that so many witnesses name the wrong person?"
- "Justice is never too late."
A. B. Butler -
"It could happen to anybody just like it happened to me",
"She said I looked like the person that did it. That I was awfully close but she wasn't sure."
Rep. Pete Gallego (D-Alpine) -
"Everything that will make our criminal justice system better, I think we have to do it" 
Andy Griffith
(Ben Matlock) -
"Put truth before anything else, put principles before personalities."
Marcus Aurelius - "The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it."               
Henry Thoreau
"I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor."
Patrick Jane -
of  'The Mentalist' - "You are either stupid innocent or stupid guilty."
Steven Hatfill
From Gritsforbeakfast comments "I used to be somebody that trusted the government . Now, I really don't trust anything."
The Team
"When the citizens, the taxpayers, and the voters allow and are satisfied with cherry picking, we ourselves become no better than those we wish to impose reforms on. The authorities represent each of us and we should be held accountable as a whole when we refuse to right any and all wrongs of the past. As of today, we collectively pay out settlements and wrongful conviction amounting to $80 thousand per year, per incident plus, plus." 

Sgt. Chris Gebhardt
From Injustice Everywhere comments "Never commit atrocities against our citizens and fellow humans." 

On this is what's wrong with our legal system. Via: - "Defendant's reply to plaintiff's response to defendant's motion to strike plaintiff's reply to defendant's opposition to plaintiff's motion for protective order, or, in the alternative, application for hearing." WTF?

Mrs. Robinson
– Comments from the
“So thrilled to have found your website! I am reading every word in hopes of educating myself more on the issue of wrongful convictions…” 

Unknown 2010 State Rep. Candidate -
"Eyewitness is the ultimate proof of a crime"
re his: Justice For Who Post in PNG Forum - "What happened to me was a long string of events that had they not actually happened to me, I would have a hard time believing.
Glenn_G -
Comment left at D.P.
”The state and fed need you to lie down for most of their cases to go their way.  If you stand and challenge, it is amazing how many crumble.”

George Santayana -
re: S. J. Post ‘
Institutional Memory’ warned that “…those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
President Barack Obama -
Via S.J. & The Assoc. Press  “…people who have paid for their crimes should have the opportunity to contribute to society again.”  &

Whatshisname?  - "Investigation, we don't need no stinkin investigation"

Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins - "We need to reform the criminal justice system. What will help us do that is legislation."
Susanne Means -
Former Lowery Freshman Center Teacher
"I've lost everything, There is shame involved in being accused in being accused of something you didn't do."

Dallas County District Attorney -
Mr. Craig Watkins:
"We insist on justice"

Mr. Kerry Max Cook: to Texas Monthly Magazine’s Michael Hall - “I want the official exoneration. I want what Ernest Willis and Tim Cole and Michael Morton got. I deserve it. It’s my turn.”

The PNG Team proudly announces the creation of the National Not Guilty Project.


Falsely arrested & wrongfully convicted victims of the United States of America’s vast criminal justice system are being challenged to join the battle today in an effort to right ‘all’ past wrongs while reforming the criminal justice system of tomorrow.

History will record and reflect that generations of American adults systematically chose to ignore the short and long-term effects of allowing the nation’s policing authorities and courts to run amuck. Decades of ignoring the elephant in the room has unfortunately lead to an epidemic that will plague each and every generation to come.  

The NNGP intends to educate and enlighten the public at large about this nightmare in which we have inherited and most definitely will pass on to our families, friends and love ones.

The NNGP will list the names of the Arresting Officers that are shown to have: obviously, blatantly, knowingly and willingly filed false criminal charges and the supervisors signing off on the Police Incident Report including any additional Supplemental Information.

Furthermore, listing: *the State/County/City, *the Prosecution Team, *the Presiding Judge, *the Jurors retained/dismissed, *the Court Reporter and *the Exhibit Clerk.

Finally, listing: *the Wrongfully Convicted, *the hired/appointed Defense Team, *the method in which the case was disposed –(full jury trial or jury dismissed for plea bargaining in the Judge’s Chambers. AKA: Open Court).

To submit your story contact the Team.

      2010 thru 2011

*Free advertising space
in the PNGNNGP  Business Card section has been donated to:
*Private Investigators, *Attorneys/Lawyers specializing in 
Criminal, Clemency, Appeals & Record Expungement. 

Send a copy of your card to The Team to receive one full year absolutely free. No contracts, no strings, no guarantees. 

*Those wishing to continue receiving free (12 months) ad space in the PNG (Business Card) section
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*This mini column is donated & dedicated to the President of "The Justice Project", Mr. John F. Terzano. 

The Justice Project

"Working in justice to end injustice"

June 2010


A Message From The President

Dear Team,

Prosecutors and defense attorneys each serve an essential function in our criminal justice system. Prosecutors have a unique and powerful position by deciding which charges to bring, what plea bargain to offer, and what sentences to request.

Concurrently, defense attorneys serve as a check on the state's power by upholding one of the most important rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution-the right to adequate counsel. By investigating the facts and challenging the state's evidence, defense attorneys help ensure that our system reaches just results and that liberty will not be denied unduly. Having competent and ethical lawyers on both sides of the aisle is imperative for a fair and accurate trial.

Unfortunately, systemic problems in our criminal justice system have led to bad lawyering on both sides that have undermined the integrity of our adversarial system.

*Note: to read the entire message please go to
and consider signing up for your own monthly issue of TJP.

June 28, 2010

Dear Team,
As a society, we believe that public safety and our security are important so we give our government and prosecutors the power to protect us. And, while most prosecutors strive for justice, many are willing to bend and even break the rules to ensure a conviction - and very few of them pay the price. Just ask Tim Masters.

*Note: to read the entire message please go to
and consider signing up for your own monthly issue of TJP.


*This mini column is donated & dedicated to the President of Texas Watchdog Mr. Trent Seibert

Please join us in congratulating Texas Watchdog for winning the prestgious 
Society of Professional 
  2009 award.



*This mini column is donated & dedicated to The INNOCENCE PROJECT.

Dear Team,

For many of our clients in prison, DNA testing represents their last chance for freedom.

Convicted despite their pleas of innocence and having exhausted the appeal process, they turn to the Innocence Project, hoping we will find evidence in their case that can be tested and ultimately prove their innocence.

You can provide our clients this last chance for justice. The Innocence Project relies on supporters like you to help pay for DNA testing in every case we take on. And with more than 280 active cases, our clients need your support.

Help our clients prove their innocence by donating $25 today — 100% of your gift will pay for DNA testing.

Your donations for DNA testing can go a long way. Freddie Peacock was exonerated last year after DNA proved his innocence of a 1976 rape. The tests that set him free cost $2,000. The Innocence Project spent $1,100 on testing that freed Ronnie Taylor after serving 12 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. However, sometimes costs are much higher. In the case of Cornelius Dupree, who was wrongly incarcerated for 30 years, several rounds of testing totaled more than $20,000.

I hope you will consider donating $25 today for DNA testing. You can help find the truth and free the innocent.

Thank you for your commitment to justice.


Peter Neufeld Signature

Peter Neufeld
Innocence Project

Become an Innocence Partner today.

Copy and Paste link below if unable to click and go directly.


 This mini column is donated & dedicated to Mrs. Audrey White of
"With Unveiled Face".

With Unveiled Face


By way of introduction -
I am Audrey White, falsely accused and wrongly convicted, a victim of the Texas justice system.

I was incarcerated for three years on an eight year sentence and am currently in the process of filing a habeas application.

The purpose of my mini column will be to explore the many experiences I had, within the justice system and the negative impact its had on me and my family members.

Prior to the false allegations, I really had no experience with the system and was believing what I was taught in school. That is a person is innocent until proven guilty and trials are fair, which couldn't be further from the truth.

It has become very important to me to bring the injustices of the system to the awareness of the public, so that others might find a way to protect themselves and ultimately this information can become part of a catalyst to fuel a movement toward justice system reform.

I look forward to sharing more with you.

*While you are here check out the Public Hero Award notification and make sure to click on the title link above to visit Mrs. White's Blog - With Unveiled Face. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can return with ease.



This mini column is donated & dedicated to

The Innocence Project of Texas - (IPOT)
















*This mini column is donated & dedicated to

The Innocence Project

of Texas - (IPOT)


From the IPOT website's

FAQs Page

Q. What types of cases does the Innocence Project of Texas (IPOT) investigate?

A. IPOT only investigates claims of actual innocence where an individual has been convicted of a crime in Texas and has exhausted all of his or her direct appeals.

IPOT does not provide litigation assistance during trial, appeal, or parole proceedings.

Q. How does IPOT define “actual innocence”?

A. We define actual innocence to mean that either

  • no crime has occurred, or
  • a crime has occurred, but the individual claiming innocence was in no way involved in that crime.

*To read more please go to

*To Download a copy of the IPOT Membership Application go to

*Contact the Team to request your very own mini column.











Thank you for visiting the PROJECT: Not Guilty of Texas website.

Victims of the System - 
Having vettable CLAIMS of: a False Arrest and/or a subsequent Wrongful Conviction regarding an *Open / *Active case in Texas, relating to DNA Evidence and / or is Death Row related, where all Appeals have been officially exhausted, you may qualify for assistance consideration from the Innocence Project of Texas. A complimentary link to the IPOT is provided for your convenience. *Tell them who recommended you & consider visiting the site again with an Update on your experience in the PNG Blogaboutit Forum in the Headline link.

Victims of the System -  
Having vettable CLAIMS of: a False Arrest and/or a subsequent Wrongful Conviction regarding a *Closed / *Cleared / *Inactive case in Texas, having absolutely nothing to do with DNA or Death Row in any way, shape or, form, may consider submitting an Introductory Email to The Team for vetting considerations. A quick link has been provided for your convenience.

The Team -
Reviews the Introductory Emails to determine if the Applicant qualifies per the guidelines listed above and makes no promises or assumptions that any post conviction work product will result in a favorable outcome regarding any subsequent vetting or filing for any form of relief. If it is determined that a claim qualifies & warrants further vetting, we will guide the Applicant through the additional process via a Reply Email.

PNG Specializes -
In nothing but the historically & systematically ignored claims in an effort to shine a light on the Projects’ that knowingly & willingly Cherry Pick for Justice.  If it weren’t for their: Policies, Rules & Requirements that discriminate as to whom qualifies; there would be no need for the creation of PNG of Texas. We envision a future where a vettable / verifiable Wrongful Conviction isn’t disqualified based on the Type of Evidence, Year of Alleged Crime or if All Appeals have been Exhausted or Not.  

Until then, it’s up to us to vett claims from the very moment of arrest via the Police Incident Report to include: reviewing the interrogation / interview, Photo Array Line-Up / Live Show-Up Processes for any gross description discrepancies’, Indictment / Information, Pre-Trial Motions, Probation Status at time of arrest on a new unrelated charge, Voir Dire proceedings, Plea Bargaining reasons provided for avoiding Jury Trial to verdict & favorable Evidence not allowed to be entered at trial.

*Pattern, *Policy & *Practice of Denying -
pplicants’ having claims where Full Pardon – for / based on innocence considerations have been Denied, will include additional reviewing of the original Application filed with the Clemency Section for proof of; *Pattern, *Policy & *Practice of Denying, etc... If it is determined that your Application warrants a referral, you can be assured that it’ll be directly to a Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney / Lawyer for his / her consideration. 

The Quest for Justice -
The public at large is invited to participate in the 'project' by assisting us in the collection of verifiable Claims that meet the Team's Qualifications above. Good luck in your endeavors, remember to seek assistance from multiple sources & may you never give up on your quest for justice.
We don't need or want your money, but we can't stop you from doing with it as you may. Feel free to browse around and consider visiting again.


Dedication -
The PNG Team proudly dedicates this project to the victims of the Texas criminal justice system unfortunate enough to have been falsely arrested, wrongfully convicted, and/or subsequently denied consideration for a Full Pardon - for innocence.

Victims of the System - 

You are hereby encouraged to consider sharing your personal experience(s) regarding a false arrest and/or wrongful conviction with the public at large in our BLOGABOUTIT Forum.

It's completely understandable that the fear of embarrassment, ridicule, and having to explain, and/or defend, prevents the majority from speaking out. Honestly, keeping a false arrest and wrongful conviction to yourself isn’t right or healthy. Remaining silent prevents proper healing while it does nothing to prevent it from happening to others. Tell it to everyone, and don't be vague for it is the tiny details that make or break a case. Those choosing to contact the local media will quickly learn that they don't reply and when they do it's a rehearsed answer. But history has shown us that positive things can happen when the media does get involved. With that said, it's a good idea to include the media in your endeavors.

Time to Name Names

It's time to name names, so that those guilty of these atrocities have an opportunity to: explain themselves, deny any involvement, and/or apologize to their victims, their own families, and to the public they serve(d). Patterns of Police and Prosecutorial Misconduct can be revealed when the public learns the names of the individuals responsible for false arrests and wrongful convictions.

PNG will publish the certified Case Files, the Police Incident Reports, the Mug Shots, including: the names of all parties, along with any and all correspondence submitted.
The PNG Team offers you unlimited space at the PNG Blogaboutit Forum to share your story and evidence showing; a false arrest, wrongful conviction, and/or subsequent, denial of a Full Pardon.

Doing the Right Thing -
We invite those public servants & representatives of clients named in the documents to consider taking time to publicly apologize to their victims that include letters of recommendation for Full Pardons - for innocence.

History Repeating Itself or a Vicious Cycle?
The wronged community has consisted of human beings from; every class, race and political affiliation from day one. The historic and catastrophic failure to officially unite as one, simply allows the Bad Cop(s) to get away with falsely arresting at will. It leaves the rogue Assistant District Attorney(s) to continue enjoying a life of Prosecutorial Misconduct supported by immunity loopholes. The citizens of voting age will continue to; receive Jury Duty notices, avoid or accept the duty, miss work, etc... All along with the plan being to dismiss the Jury due to the Prosecution Team and Defense Team plea-bargaining with the innocent at lunch recess.

Incompetent Attorneys/Lawyers/Public/Defenders -

will simply move on to the next case as they attempt to forget about their personal role and involvement in the game. The majority will dump Case Files after only three to five years in an attempt to clear their conscience and distance themselves. All along, none of this could possibly happen without the Judge's cooperation, for it is he/she that allows and/or denies. *Worst of all: the roguethe bad, and the incompetent, aspire to become judges themselves, therefore, the vicious cycle never ends. 

Crime Victims Have Rights Both: Legal & Moral -

We have the right to report it to the authorities in a timely fashion and hopefully ASAP.
 We also have a moral obligation to be truthful while in the process. (Insert relevant Biblical verse here.) The information provided to the officer becomes part of the Police Incident Report, including description(s) of suspect(s), description(s) of weapons used and lists any items taken. 
Picking & Choosing
If suspect(s) are found in the area fitting the original description(s) they’ll: be arrested, searched and taken to jail. If someone is later found to be in possession of any of the items taken, they and everyone with them will be: arrested, searched, and taken to jail.

The crime victim will be shown a photo array and allowed to pick out the suspect(s). If a suspect(s) is picked/chosen from the photo array, the victim will have another opportunity to pick the suspect(s) out of a live Show-Up. Fillers are used both times and should be comprised of five individuals with similar features such as: *race, *height, *weight, *hair type, color and length. In some cases the suspect(s) are driven to the victim’s location (crime scene) for immediate identification.
   No matter which method is utilized there are only three acceptable options for the crime victim to consider:

*Opt. A - No suspect(s) fit description(s).
*Opt. B - Positive Identification one or more.
*Opt. C - Tentative Identification one or more. 

When Crime Victims & Cops Conspire to Convict -
Like it or not, every single day someone becomes a victim of a criminal act. Unfortunately, many are easily convinced by the police and the ADA that the real perpetrator(s) was arrested. Generations of holdouts in the belief that police don't lie or arrest the wrong people (on purpose) are eager to assist them in obtaining a conviction. 

In Case after Case, the Team has received Police Incident Reports clearly showing crime victims providing detailed description(s) of suspect(s) moments after the crime occurred.
These same victims go on to Positively Identifying suspect(s) from Photo Arrays and live Show-Ups having absolutely nothing in common with the Original Description(s).

As unbelievable and outrageous as this maybe, it's mind-boggling to turn the page and see Detectives confronting the victim(s) about the gross discrepancies between the Original Suspect(s) Description(s) and the Suspect(s) he/she Positively Identified moments earlier. In particular, Cases out of Harris County, Texas, clearly show Detectives ignoring the gross descrepentcies and seeking felony charges.

Despite these obvious differences ex: wrong skin color, wrong hair color, type & length, the D. A's. 'Intake' seals the deal over the phone. Something similar to - "Hey Bob, how's the wife? Good, well we gotta Positive Identification on one suspect & a Tentative Identification on one suspect. We need felony charges on both." "Ok, Bye."
 WTF? -

When the Detectives bring these gross description discrepancies to the crime victim’s attention, one would think that it’s obvious that the suspect(s) would ultimately be released. Here in Texas, we have witnessed just the opposite as Detectives are shown in Case after Case literally ignoring the fact that they themselves just confronted a crime victim about gross description discrepancies. Despite all of this, it is very disturbing to know that the Supervisors happily sign off on the report(s) as Closed/Cleared.
 *Even more alarming is when the D. A’s. ‘Intake’ is shown systematically agreeing (usually over the phone) to file felony charges. Five minutes of comparing the information prior to taking charges and/or having a citizen sit in during live Show-Up operations could possibly prevent this type of conspiracy from resulting in a wrongful conviction. Too Easy? 


What Do You Get When The District Attorney Encourages His Assistant D. As. to “Do The Right Thing”? -  

When two or more individuals are shown to have knowingly & willingly worked in unison to: *file false arrest charges, *disregard gross suspect description discrepancies, *perform improper Photo Array, *perform improper live Show-Up, *present bogus/false evidence to the Grand Jury, fabricate false State’s Exhibits documents, introduce faked evidence into Case Files, *present to the court and display falsified evidence to a jury, intimidate witnesses to not testify, pick a jury only to plea-bargain at lunch recess, etc...?
Give Up?

When Crime Victims 
are 100% Wrong About Being 100% Positive? -

When the real/actual culprits are blatantly ignored and allowed to continue in their criminal enterprises: the joke is on the Crime Victim(s), their families and the public at large. Thus, leaving the taxpayers to pick up the entire tab. Shame on the crime victim(s) that realizes that the wrong person(s) is in custody but yet conspires with the authorities to obtain a conviction.          

I Know Nothing

When Detectives, Assistant D. As. and Crime Victims are confronted about their actions recorded in Police Incident Reports & Case Files they either: stick to their story, play dumb, or ignore it.
Imagine what it must feel like to be told that the documents clearly show them conspiring to: file false charges, prosecuting the innocent, falsifying evidence, and refusing to acknowledge that they Positively Identified the wrong suspect(s). They all have and will claim ignorance, and/or harassment in hopes that it all goes away. 
*If anyone ever comes across information showing any of these three entities:'doing the right thing for the right reasons' via: publicly apologizing to the wronged, the citizens and offering to assist the wronged, please forward it to the Team.

Taxpayers Accountability -  

We all share partial blame for the causes of each and every false arrest and wrongful conviction. Therefore, we end up paying for the side effects experienced by the wronged individuals and the unnecessary burden placed on society as a whole. From day one: salaries are being collected, expenses are being paid, fees are being charged, the employed become unemployed and man hours are lost. Lives are further turned upside down in the form of: divorces, foreclosures, bankruptcies, etc… As families of the working wronged are forced to turn to assistance from the State, County and Public Utilities the taxpayer is forced to pick up the tab. When and if the falsely arrested and wrongfully convicted collect from a settlement, it is the taxpayer that funds the account. The Tim Cole Act makes those eligible for a financial apology from the State of Texas $80,000. per year of wrongful incarceration plus-plus. The annual cost of housing the rightfully and wrongfully alike is not cheap when factoring in: education, expected and unforeseen medical/dental issues.     

Voter Accountability -

Voting Just to be Voting: Syndrome or Disease? 

You can make a difference by simply taking time to teach yourself and others how to stop voting just to be voting. Who knew that it could be that simple? By inocculating yourself and those around you at an early age you prevent uninformed voting. An under-informed, ill-informed and mis-informed voter is simply guilty of being ignorant. Don't worry, you can't be arrested for abusing your civil right to vote. It's not your fault that you follow blindly either in beliefs or actions without vetting and confirming. Today is the day that you take your Syndrome or Disease by the horns and yell - "I'm not gonna vote just to be voting anymore."       

Research and learn about a candidate’s stance on false arrests, wrongful convictions & plea-bargaining abuse. Inquire if they have any solutions and intentions to implement them once in office. Hold them to their word. Remember, it’s very easy to vote especially when it’s done just to be voting. It's takes
courage to confront candidates about what they are going to do about the historically ignored issues. It’s even harder to confront them once in office.

The worse that could happen if ignore your responsibilities, is you could end up voting for the very individual that falsely arrested you or your love one. 
Bless those voters that step up, speak up and take a stand.

The Supreme Court -                                 
"Plead ‘em, If You Got ‘em"

When the Supreme Court gave the green light to Plea-Bargain and let the taxpayers of tomorrow worry about the tab, it essentially gave the policing authorities the thumbs up to arrest at will. The Courts placed the detainees either on Probation or in Jail and/or Prison. This led to a massive prison expansion program and strained the welfare system as rolls grew due to bread winners being locked-up. 

Police Reports and Case Files indicate that the permission to - Plead 'em, if you got 'em that the Police and Courts received from the Supreme Court, knowingly included scores of innocents. In Texas this led to the Profiling of those having: long hair, facial hair, unemployed and homeless. This resulted in a state-wide mass round up and 
arrest including those found being in possession of just one joint. Resulting in prison sentences just for having seeds or residue in the ashtray. Would you believe that this is going on right now, today? If you don't, then you are living in la la land. It really doesn't matter if you do or don't, your tax dollars are still hard at work and you have no one to blame but yourselves.   

A Round-Up Campaign lasting for decades resulted in what we see today: prison and jail overcrowding, as the Courts clear their Dockets via: Plea-Bargaining in 95% - 98% of all criminal cases. Knowing this makes that little thing called Voir Dire and sitting on jury only to be dismissed a running joke.
Not to mention the lost man-hours, the $6.00per/day plus parking checks, the 20 to
30 mile one-way trips downtown, etc, puts the joke squarely on the public at large.

Mean while, Criminal Defense Lawyers / Attorneys / Public Defenders continue to play plea-bargain games with Assistant D. As.

Something to think about -                                                                                                                  
95 to 98 percent of all criminal cases are disposed of via: 'tapping out', leaving only 3 to 5 percent being actually defended all the way to verdict? With this it can only be assumed that the majority of the Criminal Defense Attorneys/Lawyers seem to have all agreed to agree to plead vs. fight and otherwise defend to the very end.

It appears that only a small fraction are actually Defense Attorneys/Lawyers making the remainder
merely Professional Pleaders with law degrees.
It’s only fair that the guilty and the innocent both be deserving of an opportunity to admit guilt or decline any involvement and/or knowledge of the alleged crime in Open Court. (Not in Judges Chambers). Those being guilty and publicly admitting to it should rightfully receive a reduced punishment. Those being not guilty and recorded as publicly stating so should rightfully receive a date to appear for trial. No one should be allowed to change their plea at any time, doing so makes the entire system wishy-washy and hinky at best. What? What? What?

Why Texas?- 

PROJECT: Not Guilty was launched in Texas in 2009, due to the robust criminal justice system reform movement. The universal disinterest in Closed & Cleared NON-DNA related claims of actual innocence by the multitudes of projects and groups that have come before us, has inspired us to focus primarily on these historically ignored cases. The Team prays that its endeavors combined with those across the state, contribute to greatly reducing the amount of false arrests and hopefully prevents wrongful convictions of tomorrow by addressing all claims.   
It's very clear that Texas' leaders (Mayors, D.As., Governors, TBPP, etc...) have no intentions to honestly address 'all' past, present & future false arrests and wrongful convictions on its own. Existing 'projects' assist them by ignoring closed/cleared cases having nothing to do with DNA & Death Row.

Texans deserve to have an honest, transparent and streamlined Clemency / Pardon application procedure that doesn't discriminate against applicants based on the type of evidence proving innocence. With this in mind, true criminal justice system reforms should encompass from the very moment of arrest all the way through the entire Clemency / Pardon application process.

The Team will also study certain aspects of the Texas Criminal Justice System and its relationship with the Clemency Section of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. We will learn how this department operates in relation to being charged with handling the Regular Full Pardon & Full Pardon - for innocence application packets, analyzing, researching and preparing the files for consideration by the Board.

Texas Hold 'em and the Stacked Deck -
Currently Full Pardons - for innocence applications are considered only on the unanimous recommendation of the applicant's three trial officials (sentencing or current judge, district attorney, and Sheriff). Thus, ensuring that it is virtually impossible to comply with the requirement due to there being absolutely no incentives for any of the three.

Creating & implementing this requirement/loophole was very successful in reaching its goal. Failure to eliminate this by both political parties shows the public at large that Texas is a criminal orgainization which is funded by it citizens. Shame on us and we will forever remain a world wide laughing stock. 

Phase One -  
You are invited to follow the Team as we embark on a mission to implement and complete a very unique project. One that will examine all claims of innocence having absolutely nothing to do with
DNA, Death Row and/or those Currently in Custody. The Team will also study the many causes of false arrests and the sustained trauma associated with being wrongfully convicted. We will conclude with a study of the Clemency application process, where the Team will research the human cost associated with State(s) that systematically denies all applicants seeking a Full Pardon based on innocence

Phase Two -
Will involve targeting and researching specific cases of False Arrest and 
wrongful convictions for patterns of Police and Prosecutorial Misconduct. Cases/Claims having sufficient evidence proving innocence and subsequently denied consideration for a Full Pardon for or based on innocence will be show-cased. 

Team members will publish false arrests and wrongful conviction related case files, police reports & mug shots, including the names of  'all' parties involved. If you are a bad cop, a rogue ADA, or a lazy judge that allows the bad and enables the rouge while enjoying the many levels of immunity loopholes, now's the time to 'do the right thing for the right reasons'.   

If you and/or a loved one are truly not guilty and/or have been previously denied a pardon based on innocence and believe your claim of actual innocence deserves further recognition, you are encouraged to contact the
PNG Team

PROJECT: Not Guilty is a for profit at this time but will never charge a fee for services rendered. Instead we have chosen to operate by surviving on our own merits, advertising revenue and of course the kindness of others.     

*Please consider keeping your money or put us in your Will if you insist.

**You may donate your time in lieu of a monetary contribution.
***Please alert The Team if you would prefer to remain an anonymous donor, for we fully intend on letting the world know the names of those brave enough to sponsor the project.
****By submitting a story, you are not obligated to contribute in any way. There are no written or spoken guarantees that the Team will approve your claim/story for future actions including: placing info. on the CASES page and/or improve your chances for obtaining any post conviction relief.          

*Please help us help others by contacting The Team today to place your order(s). *We will even pay for the shipping cost in the U.S. only.

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You have the right to remain silent, as long as you know that you have a civic duty and moral obligation not to. While it truly takes a village to raise a child correctly, it'll take a nation to bring about the correct change we can truly believe in. 
This is a human issue and the remedy awaits for the unification of mankind, for we've remained separate and silent long enough.  

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